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L485 Communication

L485 is combination of three product in one:


  • a. RS232 to RS485 Half duplex protocol converter and vise versa
  • b. Surge and Lightning protection from all three side (line, device & power source)
  • c. Communication amplifier


L485 enables network connection to whatever device with own soft or hard ID, The device is originally designed to provide communication solutions for Galcon's products: Agricultural controllers of Galileo and Compact family.


Power Consumption


  • Model : 24v AC
  • Consumption : 3.2w
  • Max operaiton V : 216
  • Min operation V : 21


Ground Connection through power socket= 1

Ground Connection through box body= 1


Communication specification:


Comm. Baud rate

Maximum elapsed distance



5 km
2 km



Communication cable (RS485 side):


Minimum size: 2*0.5 mm + shield cable

Maximum size: 2*1.5 mm + shield cable