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Galcon's Fertimix is a top of the line fertigation machine that mixes various kinds of fertilizers. Each Fertimix machine includes a mixing tank, and comes with a Galileo controller and EC/pH control.According to their needs, customers can choose from four models: Fertimex 1, 2, 3 or 4. All models have an inlet pressure of more than 2.5 bars and an outlet pressure of up to 4.5 bars. Each Fertimex system can be equipped with up to 8 fertilizer pumps (350 L/H).


All Fertimix machines include two kinds of pumps: a Venturi pump and a booster pump.




  • Fertimix 1" up to 9 cubic meters per hour 100 liter tank
  • Fertimix 2" up to 25 cubic meters per hour 200 liter tank
  • Fertimix 3" up to 35 cubic meters per hour 300 liter tank
  • Fertimix 4" up to 60 cubic meters per hour (high flow) 500 liter tank


Additional components include:


  • Water meter with an electric pulse connected to the controller.
  • Hydraulic inlet and outlet valves.
  • A float for balancing the water inlet into the tank (with the outlet onto the field).
  • A triple purpose electric pump for fertilizer suction and pressure for irrigation and mixing power.
  • Water temperature sensor in order to prevent that water will boil due to low flow rate.


All Fertimex machines have the following machine components:


  • A strong, modular, non-corrosive frame out of Aluminium PVC non-corrosive piping and fittings
  • All necessary connections (electric cables) ready for use including a starter for the booster pump.


A Venturi pump is a T-shape device with a unique nozzle inside. It converts the speed of the water into suction and causes the fertilizer to mix in the water. Models include a standard model of 350 l/hr and a high flow model of 1,200 l/hr.


  • Electric valves:Installed on the entrance of the machine.
  • Fully open/closed.
  • Connected to the controller.
  • Controlled by the controller.
  • Controller: Calculates the required injection rate and operates the solenoid accordingly
  • Changing rate :1-2 second working/pausing time
  • Flow meter Transparent conic tube with a ball inside that rises according to the momentary flow rate of the fertilizer.
  • Includes a small valve for adjustment of the flow rate.
  • Fertimeter (optional) Sends pulses to the controller
  • Fertilization According to volume
  • Hydraulic valve Normally closed to prevent leakage of fertilizer into the empty line when the system is idle


The booster pump is an electric stainless steel (non-corrosive) pump, ranging from 2HP up to 25HP. It enables high speed flow through the Venturi for suction of the fertilizer. In the Fertimix itself, it also builds up irrigation water pressure.


  • Electric pressure stat prevents any operation in the electric pump in "no water" cases.
  • The pressure sustaining valve prevents cavity in the electric pump.
  • Level sensor for automation and information.


The EC/pH system includes a sampling cell with two electrodes EC and pH that are connected to an electronic monitor. The monitor converts the electrodes signal to a standard 4-20 mA signal that is read by the Galileo controller. The monitor is equipped with a display and a keyboard for constant and clear presentation of data during operations. The monitor also enables calibration of the electrode readings.