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Galcon's FertiJet is a by-pass mixing machine with direct injection that includes Galcon's Galileo controller and EC/pH control. The FertiJet models do not include main tubing such as main valve, water meter, filter etc.


According to need, our customers can choose fraom four models:


FertiJet standard


This model contains up to four 350L/H fertilizer pumps and one 160L/H fertilizer pump (for acid).The 160L/H is identical to the 350L/H Venturi with a special acid flow meter up to 160L/H.


FertiJet High Flow


This model has up to four, 1200L/H fertilizer pumps and one (acid) 350L/H fertilizer pump (for acid).Capable of injecting fertilizer into a flow of up to 250 cubic meters per hour at a rate of 5 liters per cubic meter.


FertiJet double High Flow


Two FertiJet High Flow machines are connected and controlled together.This model uses double fertilizer pumps of 1,200L/H It can contain up to four channels of 2,500L/H and one 1,200L/H for acid. It is capable of fertilizing at flow rate of up to 500 cubic meters per hour at a rate of 5L/H.


Mainline Pressure of This model is up to 4 bars. Higher pressure models are available via special order.


All FertiJet machines have the following machine components:


  • A strong, modular, non-corrosive frame out of Aluminium
  • PVC non-corrosive piping and fittings
  • All necessary connections (electric cables) ready for use including a starter for the booster pump.
  • FertiJet machines include two kinds of pumps: a Venturi pump and a booster pump.


A Venturi pump is a T-shape device with a unique nozzle inside. It converts the speed of the water into suction and causes the fertilizer to mix in the water. Models include a standard model of 350 l/hr and a high flow model of 1,200 l/hr.


The booster pump is an electric stainless steel (non-corrosive) pump, ranging from 2HP up to 25HP. It enables high speed flow through the Venturi for suction of the fertilizer. In the FertiJet itself, it also builds up irrigation water pressure.


  • Electric pressure stat prevents any operation in the electric pump in "no water" cases.The pressure sustaining valve prevents cavity in the electric pump.
  • Level sensor for automation and information.